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Title: Snowtown

Year: 2011

Genre: Crime, Drama


Format: DVD

WARNING - May Contain Spoilers!

Over the years I’ve become extremely fond of Australian films, particularly crime and horror movies. This is a huge turn-around for me, considering I’ve never really taken to Aussie films before. But there’s a lot of great movie-making going on in Australia and Snowtown is a prime example of this.

Snowtown is based on true events relating to the “Bodies in the Barrels” murders of the 1990s in Australia. The movie captures the grim and chilling nature of these horrific murders with absolute precision.

Top credit should be given to the fantastic acting talent; Daniel Henshall as John Bunting, the notorious serial killer and Lucas Pittaway as Jamie Vlassakis, the teenage boy who befriends him.

Gripped by fear, Jamie is helpless to escape the hold Bunting has over his family, and has no choice but to bear witness to and ultimately, become part of the horror story that unfolds.

I can’t recommend this movie enough. If you’re a fan of horror/crime movies, you shouldn’t miss this. Another wonderful gem in the Australasian film board’s crown.

PCR Rating: 8.5/10

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